Friday, March 8, 2013

Dear Universe...

I've heard before that sometimes all you need to do is put an idea out in the universe for the wheels to start turning and the idea to come to fruition, so here goes nothing...

Dear Universe,

It's time.  No, is.  I'm ready for a relationship, or at least some semblance of one.  It doesn't even have to be the forever relationship.  But more than just a few dates, I beg you.  

The lesson has been learned from the jerks, losers, and all the other totally unmentionable names that we called these jerks behind closed doors but never in mixed company.  I know now to trust my gut at all costs and not hold on to what could be when it's just not there.  

Someone once told me that the beginning of a relationship should be flawless.  I some extent.  But as Paul Rieser said in the show Mad About You "Look, there's always gonna be stuff.  I put up with your crap and you put up with my crap."  There's always gonna be's finding the person who's crap you are willing to put up with.  Well, I'm ready to put up with someone's crap (as long as that crap doesn't involve a wife, girlfriend or record).

I'm done with the guys that say one thing when they mean something completely different.  The guy that says they want a relationship when in reality they just want to get you in their bed.  The guy that isn't enough of a man to actually admit that he isn't interested instead of just falling off the face of the earth.  

I'm ready for the man that will follow through, accept me for who I am, and actually make an effort.  One that doesn't believe that chivalry is dead or that texting is the only form of communication.  

So, dear Universe, I'm sending you this message, in hopes that you might be listening.  In the hope that you might send a man my that will stick around for a while.  One that gives a damn and is worth a damn.  I hope it's not too much to ask, cause I think it's time.



  1. OMG!!! AMEN SISTER!!! I am in that SAME boat with you! I don't think you could have said it any better Amanda. I think your life and my life when it comes to the dating life after marriage has been the same..but slightly different circumstances. I hope and pray for you and for me that we find that someone that we can put up with the "crap" as long as they are still good and honest to us! Love you girl! Miss you!

  2. Can we assume that since you've been AWOL for going on 4 months that the universe DID provide?


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