34 In 34

1. Run a 5K.  Guess this means I need to start running.
Update: This will be marked off the list on April 6 when I do the Color Run!

2. Completely finish E's first four scrapbooks.  I have the first two years (yes, that took 4 scrapbooks) almost done...just need to add the journaling in a few places and re-adhere some embellishments and they will be done!
Update: DONE!  Oh, what a feeling!!

3. Go phone free for an entire weekend.  No texts, emails, FaceBook.

4. Learn how to knit.

5. Take a weekend trip somewhere by myself.  Savannah maybe?

6. Do the Paleo diet for one month week.  Gotta be realistic on this one.  I would never survive a month without cheese.

7. Increase my bloggy followers by 5.  150, here we come!! 
Currently: 67/150

8. Start selling stuff on my Etsy site again.  

9. Go to three concerts.  I would love to go to Music Midtown in September (Florence + The Machine, Pearl Jam - heaven!!) and Citizen Cope in November.

10. Attend a UGA football game at Sanford Stadium.

11. Lose 20 pounds.

12.  Get another tattoo or two.

13. NOT order any Girl Scout cookies.
Update: FAIL!!!  Two boxes ordered and devoured eaten in less than a week

14. Host game night.

15. Finalize the divorce.  August 13, here we come!

16. Move out of momma's place.

17. Go a week with no TV.

18. Actually start making the things that I pin.

19. Wear lipstick that isn't a neutral color.

20. Read the Harry Potter series.
Update: Can't make it through Book 2!!

21. Go camping.

22. Actually send out birthday cards...on time.  

23. Learn to sew.

24. Take a yoga class.

25.  Do something with the two canvases I bought 3 months ago.
Update: One canvas done!!

26. Prepare a week's worth of meals on a Sunday.

27. Find a red wine that I like.

28. Call my grandparents once a week.

29. Start volunteering somewhere.
Update: DONE!!  Signed up to volunteer with the Humane Society.

30. Drink more water.

31. Take a girls' trip to the beach!!

32. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up :)

33. Stop settling.

34. Completely finish years 3-4 of Ethan's scrapbooks.  

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  1. I love your 34 in 34 list! I am in the process of writing a blog about my bucket list and how I never get it done ~ see, I can't even get the blog written! Found you on the Blog Hop!


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