Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Inner-Monologue of An Insomniac

The thoughts that run through my mind at 2:47 am...

Prevailing wages


I should have taken Ambien.  Why can't I remember to get Unisom when I'm at the store?

Maybe we won't play ball this weekend (don't tell Drew or Ethan I said that)

Dear Universe...I trust you and I have faith

Maybe I should get up and write.  It may help me actually go to sleep.  But then again, it could also really wake me up and I don't feel really awake, I just can't sleep.  

Stupid weather. Thanks for the cold.

Why am I addicted to Candy Crush?  Stupid game with your limited lives...why must you torture me so?

I should be researching how to sell jewelry instead of writing this.

One more week until payday and a haircut!!!  I'll chicken out on the style I showed Jenni.  Do I really want bangs??

Shit...I just remembered the Staples meeting at 1:00 today.  Must call and cancel.  Cannot trust overly sarcastic attitude of late around overly nerve-grating sales girl.  Email self at work to remind.  

Cindy will be here this weekend!!

I need to take the baseball polish job off my toes.

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