Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I did it...I went from 507 friends to 430.  I'm pretty proud of that!  The funny thing is that I found myself worrying about hurting the feelings of someone I hardly (if ever) talk to.  There is probably more cleaning that could be done, but I think this is a darn good start!  

While I was at it, I cleaned out my phone as well.  Deleted old contacts and text messages that I didn't need to hang on to anymore.  I feel lighter already :)  Now I think it's time to tackle the email and all of the random stuff I somehow ended up getting signed up for.  Adios to those as well!!

I wasn't able to start on the cabinet redo this weekend which was kinda a bummer.  I'm still trying to figure out if I can get the handles off without damaging the drawers and how difficult they will be to put back on.  If no solution comes to mind, they will just be painted the same color as the drawer.  21 handles is more than I want to tape off!!

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