Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine!!

They like me, they really like me!!  Well, at least Graceful Disaster does.  She was so kind to pick ME for the Sunshine Blogger Award...and that makes me giddy!

Rules of Engagement:

1. Include the award log either in your acceptance post or somewhere on your blog.

2. Answer 10 questions about yourself.

3. Pass the award on to 10-12 other deserving bloggers.

4. Add a link on your post to all of the talented winners and comment on their page to let them know they've been deemed amazing.

5. Thank the brilliant soul that recognized your talent and bestowed this wonderful award on you...and of course link back to them as well.

And just when you thought you knew everything about me...

1. What would you most like to change about yourself?
I would actually finish what I start...ugh...

2.  What is your theme song?
Seriously?  You want me to pick just one song?  Can't I have a box set?  (Excuse me while I scour the plethora of songs in my iPod)...almost done...I think I got one...ok, here goes.  At this moment in my life, I'll go with Never Let Me Go by none other than Florence + The Machine.  One line specifically - "I'm not giving up, I'm just giving in."  

3.  One part of your life, a memory, action, etc. that you wish you could surgically remove from your brain?
Everything happens for a reason, even if I have no flippin clue what that reason is.  Someday I will.  So I'll keep it all, thanks.

4. What generation do you wish you had been a part of?
I'm a child of the 80's...could you seriously ask for anything better?  I mean, who wouldn't want to have mall hair and wear 3 pairs of socks???

5. What was your favorite childhood toy?
Barbies and Nintendo...just like my presenter!!

6. What is your favorite housecleaning chore?
I think laundry is the lesser of all evils

7. Do you Twitter?
Sure do!  Not extremely active, but working on it.  You can follow me!! @amandaspec

8. Any goals?
If getting out of my mom's house isn't a goal, then I don't know what is!!  

9. Do you really drink margaritas all the time?
Thank the stars for skinny margaritas and my friend, Tammy for teaching me how to make them.  So the answer is YES!!

10. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in?
When I turned 16 in 1994, I drove a 1983 Chevy Celebrity.  Don't know that I'd say it was ugly, but it stalled at every stop sign.  Fun times considering it was an automatic!

The ones that light up my life:

Check them out...you know you want to!!  All the cool kids are doing it!


  1. Thank you so much for this!! I appreciate it and I'll definitely do this when I have some time!!

  2. Thank you so much for this award!! :) You just made my day!!

  3. Thanks Amanda! I adore ya! :)

  4. Thanks for the nom! Eighties girl here too!! I remember curling my bangs with a curling iron and teasing them...super hot!

  5. Thanks so much for all of the awards. I appreciate each of them so so much! Good luck with your goal ;)

  6. Thanks for the nomination! = )


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