Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Me, Myself, and I

1. What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Become a photographer or a chef.  It's a toss up.  Maybe both.

2. If you had only six months left to live, what would you do with the time?
Lots of traveling...go on a cruise with my girlfriends, take E to Disney again, spend some time in Italy and traveling Europe, and spend time with the family.  And maybe skydiving, but that would be towards the end of the 6 months...you know...just in case ;)

3. If a front page news article was written on you, what would the headline be?
At this moment...
Single mom literally pulls her hair out in a frustrated rage

4. What is your biggest pet peeve?

5. What is your favorite chick flick movie?
Somewhere In Time.  A young Christopher Reeves...need I say more?

Found on imdb.com


  1. hahaha awww "single mom literally pulls her hair out in a frustrated rage". I would SO buy that newspaper. Whistling can get pretty annoying.

  2. hahaahah at your possible headline.. let's hope it never happens!

    1. Thankfully, the moment passed and I still have all my hair :)

  3. Do it! Become a photographer AND a chef! Follow your dream.

    Stopping through from MM&I.


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