Thursday, July 5, 2012


Found this on Lyzz's blog and it looks like fun, so here goes...

Current book:
Slow going at the moment...there are a TON of characters to keep up with but the story is great!  I think the second book in the series was/is my favorite.

Current playlist:
Thanks to the jackhole that was blasting music at the stoplight a few minutes ago, I have Call Me Maybe stuck in my head.  Who in the hell blasts that!!??  To remedy this issue, I'm listening to this...

Current color:

Current food:
Eating a grilled chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-a with a lemonade.  My son would say that I'm having lemolade from Chick-a-lay :)

Current show(s):
Grey's Anatomy
Drop Dead Diva
Anything on Bravo

Current needs:
A new job or winning the lottery.  Yeah, the lottery would be good.

Current triumph:
Keeping up with blogging!  

Banes of my existence:
Trying to find a new job.  

Current Celeb Crush:
 Matthew McConaughey, Jackson Hurst, and Matt Bomer (SWOON!!)

Current #1 blessing:
Support from friends and family

Current indulgence:
Coffee Ice Cream

Current outfit:
With this freakin little as possible!

Current excitement:
Going to see Magic Mike on Friday with one of my nearest and dearest

Current mood:
Stuffed...I ate too much.  Otherwise, pretty darn good 

Current favorite quote/verse:

Current fav app:'s a one stop shop for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Reader, and Google+

Current favorite product:
My generic Biolage shampoo and conditioner.  Work just as well as the real deal and keeps my wallet happy.


  1. OOOHHH Fun, I'm gonna do it also! :)

  2. Fun post! Um, I could use the lottery too. But then, who couldn't? :) Have a great day!


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  3. Hey, I came on over from Blog Stars :) Would love some coffee ice cream right now! Oh, and a lottery win! good luck with the job hunting!

  4. Just went and saw Magic Mike this weekend...loved it! It think you may be adding Channing Tatum to your Celeb Crush List after you go! ;)


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