Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Linking up with Shannon at Life After I 'Dew' for So What! Wednesday!

Today, I'm say SO WHAT! if...

  • It's 90 degrees outside and I'm wearing a jacket inside.
  • I haven't picked up my camera in almost a month (isn't that what phones are for?)
  • I can't wait to watch SYTYCD tonight.  Yes...I am a reality TV junkie.
  • I've had the same song on repeat for the past two days and have probably listened to it 50 times.
  • I'm sad at the end of a good book because I really want the story to continue.
  • I'm addicted to Pinterest but will probably NEVER make/do half of the things I pin.  
  • I get really (and I mean really) giddy when I see that I have a new blog follower!
  • I've been on hold for over 10 15 20 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor and I want to reach threw the phone and ring someone's neck.


  1. I love when I get new followers too!
    I also love your blog title BUT just don't make it a year make it a lifetime! You have a new follower on this journey!


  2. I never use my camera! I wish I did but it's so much more convenient to pull out my phone!

    I have a great giveaway going on right now on my blog! Hop one over & check it out!


  3. We really have tons in common! 7 out of your 8 describe me too!

  4. I just returned from Paris, carried my camera the entire time, only took one picture on it. Used my phone for everything! So much easier to upload to Facebook and Instagram.

  5. Hi there!

    New follower here from the Vintage Boomer who nominated you for The Versatile Award. Looking forward to following your future posts.



  6. I get really sad when some books end too! Especially if I don't feel like there was good closure.


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